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2Fifteen streamline Google Workspace customer management with Patronum

By Patronum

July 05, 2021

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    Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, 2Fifteen are a managed service provider and IT consultancy.  A cloud-first organization, they help their customers to work from wherever, in the knowledge that their services will remain secure, resilient, and available.

    Offering a full suite of fully managed services for Apple, Microsoft, and Google, as well as managing customers’ servers.  2Fifteen provides automated patch management, configuration deployment, and security solutions and automates the onboarding/offboarding process for their customers.  These solutions streamline their customers’ technology stacks and reduce the friction to end-users. Customers of 2Fifteen no longer need to worry about technology and focus on what’s important to their business. 


    When it comes to providing automation for their Google Workspace customers, 2Fifteen rely on Patronum. “We try to do everything as automated as possible, but we’re also focused on the end-user experience,” stated Robby Barnes, Director of Technology at 2Fifteen.

    Patronum helps us with onboarding and offboarding workflows for fully managed customers, which helps us move more quickly while knowing that we are remaining accurate in all of the onboarding/offboarding steps, Patronum allows us to custom tailor those solutions to every customer based on their individual needs.”

    “Additionally, we often get asked to help maintain different client’s email signatures, which previously was a significant amount of work to do.  In some cases, it was a fully manual process to just build out the signature per person, and in some cases, we’d take the time to script it out, with Patronum this is now completely automated and allows us to have an easy to use UI that any of our technicians can use. We have signatures that are fully automated based on Google Directory information and we don’t have to do anything, which has been a great time saver.  Patronum reduces the time we spend while offering a better and more complete experience for our customers.”

    Before Patronum, 2Fifteen had to rely on GAM scripts that were configured against each customer domain. One of the most widely used yet complex scripts was used to add, remove, and update delegates or forwarding addresses.  Today, 2Fifteen has a single interface to manage all its customers. 

    Due to the complexity of running GAM scripts, only a few technical team members had this access, now with Patronum, 2Fifteen can create roles within Patronum giving front-line engineers access to some of the simpler tasks. 

    Thanks to Patronum, 2Fifteen is positioned to take on more customers without having to increase internal technical resources.

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