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3 simple ways your email signatures can meet the challenges of remote working during COVID-19.

By Patronum

October 14, 2020

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It’s not clear when the current COVID-19 crisis will be over. After almost a year of national lockdowns and local restrictions, working with your colleagues in the same office will probably feel like a distant memory. Unfortunately, the near-term doesn’t look any better with US government top infectious diseases expert, Anthony Fauci, warning that it could take most of 2021 or longer to get the pandemic under control and that it is “unlikely” the virus can ever be fully eradicated. 

This means that it’s likely that you’re reading this article from home. So if you and your team are still working from home a centrally managed email signature should be in your toolkit, and here’s why. 

1. Present a consistent brand

When the majority of your team is working from home, it’s essential that they are on-brand. After all, each day, the average office worker receives over 120 emails and sends out 40. So over an average month, that same individual could be sending around 1000 emails. As such, the way your business communicates over email enforces your corporate identity and brand. In many cases, an email will be the first touchpoint with a new client.  So just like your standard letterheads and business cards you need to think seriously about your email signature and what it says about you and your business. 


So don’t leave it to chance, over lockdown we’ve seen organisations post their email signature guidelines within the company Intranet, and then expected users to find the time to update them manually. And when they do finally get around to updating them, there is the danger that remote working encourages individual team members to get “creative” with their email signatures, changing job titles, and phone numbers. etc

With Patronum’s email signature management you can quickly and easily push a unique email signature to each individual member within your team throughout the business, ensuring that a consistent and unified brand is presented.

2. Cost-effective Marketing

As business owners try to find creative ways to make their budgets go further during the COVID-19 crisis, it’s been proven that email marketing has been a cost-effective way to drive direct engagement from a communication channel that your entire organisation is using every day. An eye-catching email banner campaign can help you gain new customers while also retaining and reassuring existing ones. 

You can quickly and simply design a new .jpeg or animated .gif based banner yourself, no need for complex HTML. (or let our design partners create one for you).

Ad Banner

With Patronum email signature management your new email signature banner campaign can go ‘live’ across your entire organisation within an instant.

3. Crisis Management

Who would have thought that we’d be talking about email signatures and crisis management in the same article? But during these strange and rapidly changing times, you need a simple mechanism that keeps your customers up to speed with the latest restrictions as they apply to your business.

It sounds over the top but a crisis management email banner campaign gives you a really engaging way to communicate while also reassuring your customers while carrying on business as near to normal. 

covid banner email

Well, we hope that this blog article has given you some ideas on how you can use your email signature to help you, your team and your customers in these unprecedented times.

If you want to learn more about Patronum book in a face to face video call with one of our passionate experts.

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