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4 Tips when Creating a Great Email Signature that Helps you Stay on Brand

By Patronum

November 20, 2020

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Recently we’ve been helping a large Google Workspace client through some rebranding which required them to change their email signatures across multiple locations and departments. For many within the organisation, it was something they hadn’t done or even thought about for a long time. As we worked through the changes with the customer we highlighted areas within the email signature that would help them and their employees to be more in line with the company’s evolving brand. Here are a few things that can make for a great email signature.

Email Signature Management

screenshot email signature

Email signatures have evolved over the years, and while there are many schools of thought on how to make a good one, there are a few things that pretty much anyone can agree on that makes for a good closing signature to any email.

1. Keep it simple. OK, let’s start with the most controversial one first, your Email Address. Should you include your email address within your email signature, after all, they are already reading your email right, so they have your email address. But, by including it within your email signature if can make it easier for people to copy it into their contacts list. In Mac Mail, for example, it’s just a few extra clicks to pull it from the top of a message. After that, just keep your details to a minimum, name, title, phone number, and website are all you need. For many organisations, we’d also recommend including your social media links and icons.

2. Avoid wacky colours. Take the colours from your company website, we’d recommend only using one or two matching colours in addition to plain black text. We’ve included the option for having 4 colours within the Patronum template editor, just in case you really need to stretch beyond the recommendation.

3. Avoid using unnecessary image files. Some people like to include their photo or another image in their signature. You need to consider why you are doing this very carefully as some email applications will block images for security purposes, resulting in an empty box where someone’s picture is meant to be. However, including a recent photo of yourself can often help create a better connection with your recipients, especially when most of us are working from home.

4. Stay on brand. If every member of your organisation has a different email signature, your business can come across as disorganised, or worse, employees could be overstepping their position with elevated job titles. By using Patronum Email Signature Management you can create and set a standard email signature for everyone. This ensures all email sent out by your organisation has a standard on-brand look, with the correct details as defined by the organisation, rather than a mishmash of different fonts, colours and job titles.

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