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Benefits of Email Signature Software Solutions Patronum

By Patronum

October 26, 2020

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We often get asked why should we use Patronum to manage Google Workspace users email signatures. After all, users can be asked to update the email signature themselves, but do they? An email signature is more than just a bit of text at the end of your email, it conveys your company brand, your professionalism and your reputability. Would you trust a Gary with an email signature like this?

Email Signature

In this blog, we make you aware of the benefits of implementing an Email Signature Solution. Patronum has been acknowledged by its users and the wider Google Workspace community as the best email solution dedicated to Google Workspace users.

Top 4 Benefits of Email Signature Management

Brand Identity

One of the most crucial benefits of Email Signatures is Brand Identity. Imagine if a new client enquires you for your service, it will be the first time you will create an impression of professionalism. If your email reply is with a sleek and smart-looking email signature clients will trust you more, however, imagine what they’d do if they got a reply from the email signature above, they would instantly think that it was fake, untrustworthy?

Nowadays the clients and customers are becoming very particular about the brands. The bar of expectation is exponentially high. Hence, if you are not using a well-designed email signature, you will struggle to build a brand presence.


Working in the same company yet sending different email signatures shows unprofessionalism. Email signature management software, like Patronum, helps you provide consistency in your signatures. Yes, various departments can use different promotional content according to their job profile in order to engage with a different “voice” to their clients. But, email signatures should have consistency throughout the company, providing the correct tone and visualization. Otherwise, your clients will never recognize your brand.

Greater Scalability

When you start your company, it’s OK to create signatures manually. But, slowly and steadily as you increase your employees it is no longer possible to expect them all to manage their own email signatures. To help with employee onboarding Patronum Policies help address those time-consuming tasks that are often error-prone. With a Patronum policy, you can design your company email signatures and deploy them, in bulk to all of your employees.

Email Signature

Final Words

Email signature management software provides real value to your organisation overall brand identity. In short, you can say it’s a stepping stone to your complete brand identity. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right email signature management solution.

If you are looking for a professional and easy-to-use email signature management software, you should try Patronum for free using our extended trial. It offers an ever-growing free library of professional templates that can be very useful to design email signatures for your company.

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