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How to Duplicate Folders in Google Drive with Patronum

By Patronum

September 26, 2022

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    Over a billion active users use Google Drive on a daily basis. That’s why Google Drive is undoubtedly the best platform to store, share and edit files and documents in the cloud. Recently we published our Top 10 tips for Google Drive Management. We included a lot of tips and tricks that can make using Google Drive more efficient and productive. However, one area where Google Drive is weak is when it comes to creating a duplicate folder structure. This is where, as always, the team from Patronum steps in to help.

    Many businesses, especially those involved in projects that include a lot of documentation, need to be able to copy or duplicate folders with the included sub-folders and files in Google Drive. Many have been doing this on legacy file systems for years, using a so-called “template” of files and folders to start a specific project or provide new employees with a structured set of files and folders. These folder structures, are often centrally maintained and defined by the organization without the end user having to manually create each main folder and its included subfolders and files. Manual creation often leads to corners being cut and the folder structures not being correctly maintained. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to copy folders within the Google Drive UI. As a workaround customers are having to upload folders from their local drive. Obviously, this has limitations, first, on the files as they will not be in the native Google Docs format, but install Microsoft Office files, second there is not the consistency that is typically required as end users have to maintain the files and folders themselves.

    Copy Folders in Google Drive

    Within Patronum we’ve made it easy for Google Workspace administrators to copy a folder template hierarchy from one Google Shared Drive to another. (Watch our YouTube Video to see how it works). We recommend that organisations create a Template Shared Drive that all users have read access to, but cannot modify. This Google Shared Drive can contain all the folder templates including template docs, sheets and presentations etc.


    Using Patronum you can quickly take a copy of the entire folder structure whenever you have a new project that has been initiated.

    Copy Folders in Google Drive via a policy

    You can also use a Patronum Policy to create a copy of files and folders for new users. This is great for onboarding when you have users that need to complete certain documentation, ideal for interns or apprentices that are working within your company but also continuing with further and higher education, or have to complete specific documentation as evidence etc.

    Add Google Drive Files via Policy

    With Patronum Google Workspace administrators can fully automate many of the daily tasks their business needs allowing them to focus more and providing additional value and benefits to their organisation.

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