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MAP Turns Email Signature Into Marketing Channel Thanks To Patronum

By Patronum

September 03, 2021

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Most accountancy firms exist to keep your business on the right side of the law – filing returns, paying taxes, but providing low-value services to businesses and having little or no impact on the clients they serve. 

MAP is different, born out of deep frustration, they provide their clients with an effective full finance function operating at the board level to build financial strategy and execute it successfully. Specializing in working with digital creative businesses, MAP has over the years developed a unique approach to implementing the full finance function into their clients that actually moves the needle. 

Digital creative’s aren’t just ‘any business’. They have nuances and ways of working which make them unique and require a different approach. With industry expertise and a thorough understanding of the latest financial technology and processes MAP brings financial rigor to businesses across the UK. 

Email signature as a marketing channel

Working with the digital creative industry, as well as being experts in all things financial, MAP also has to maximize their use of social media, and other technology platforms in order to connect with their existing and new clients.

Before discovering Patronum, MAP would create and share a Google Doc with all employees containing the latest company email signature design. Accompanying the text, a “how-to” video was also included. Employees would then create their own email signature within the Google Doc, carefully adding and resizing their own profile image and then paste it into Gmail.

Unfortunately, this approach was very time-consuming for both the line managers as well as each employee and prevented the organization from using their email signature as an additional channel for marketing.

Amanda Wilcox, Director Of Operations told us that, “Having the ability to centrally manage our email signatures is really valuable for us. It gives us the ability to amend the signatures globally to include booking links for events and invite feedback on how well we are delivering on our purpose and core values at different points in the month.”

Email Signature

Managing part time workforce

Amanda continued, “Some of us work part-time, and our working hours are displayed within our email signature. Patronum allows our employees to store these details within the Google Directory and have it displayed within our individual email signatures”.

Both teams from Patronum and MAP worked together taking the existing Google Doc and pasting it directly into Patronum before performing the finer tuning via the Patronum HTML editor and adding conditional statements for special edge cases.

“This project was a real example of how a partnership should work. Patronum did everything I would expect and showed themselves as true experts in what was possible with our Google Workspace email signature.

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