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Need a Gmail Email Signature Template? With the help of Patronum, create an email signature template

By Patronum

August 20, 2020

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Are you looking for some professional and creative email signature templates?

Well, your search will now be over. 

Within Patronum we offer the best in Gmail Signature Template design. A few years back, a new product was born in the Google Workspace market named Patronum. It has the power to make your Google Workspace management easy, with the introduction of policy-based user on and offboarding.

Patronum was designed to ease and automate all the typical tasks a Google Workspace administrator would have to do on a daily basis. It also introduced the best Gmail Signature Management solution on the Google Workspace Marketplace, along with a complete collection of professional designed email signature templates.  

Within the interface of Patronum Google Workspace administrators are able to smoothly manage and take advantage of the rich information stored within the Google Directory of their employees and add this rich information to either email signatures. Extending the Google Directory schema with Patronum is also a simple task, allowing administrators to add further information such as preferred pronouns, and working hours to the company employees email signatures.

Gmail Email Signature

Steps to Create Email Signature Policy

  1. Select the Policies Menu item.
  2. Select Add Policy, also known as the big yellow button.
  3. Give your policy a name and description so you can identify it later.
  4. For this policy we are going to apply it to everyone, so we will leave the WORKFLOW section as default, however you can define the cohort you which this policy to be applied to by defining FILTERS and CONDITIONS.
  5. Select the SIGNATURE tab. (Email signatures are so important to us we gave at a tab all to itself)
  6. Design your email signature within the WYSIWYG interface, or select </> SOURCE in order to edit your email signature in raw HTML.
  7. You can add variables to your email signature using the dropdown options, or just type them directly into the design.
    • {{fname}} for First Name
    • {{lname}} for Last Name
    • {{email}} for email
    • and so on (You can even include additional Google Directory schema extensions for things such as pronouns etc.)
  8. Lastly, hit ‘Save and Activate’.
    • The policy will run immediately against all your defined users.
  9. Now let’s check everything is working as designed and expected.
  10. Go to your Gmail account and open your compose option
  11. Check the designed email signature to finalize it.

Advantages of Managing your Email Signature with Patronum

Not only does Patronum allow you to manage your organisation’s email signatures, but it also includes many other additional benefits for a Google Workspace organisation.

Professional Google Workspace Signatures

Patronum is designed primarily for ease of use, giving administrators of all levels easy access in order to create beautiful signatures for all employees. Creating a Patronum policy allows organisations to provision email signatures at the time the user onboard within the business. This eases the burden of creating signatures for each employee.

Email Signature Templates

Patronum includes carefully crafted email signature templates, specifically designed using standard fonts and sizing. If you lack the technical ability to craft your own email signatures you can select and adopt one of our templates. Or better still use a professionally designed email signature like those from or

Ease of Use

The UI/UX of Patronum makes the user experience very smooth and maintains the transparency of software. This helps in creating a good number of signatures instantly without much stress.

Gmail Email Signature

Real-time Previews

Patronum gives access to real-time preview for both the desktop and mobile preview. Reading information directly from the Google Directory. This helps you know how your email signature template is going to look using real-world information and data.

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