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Bespin Labs announces Patronum – Your Google Workspace Manager

By Patronum

November 20, 2019

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    Bespin Labs, a thought-leading automation and cloud technology company, has announced Patronum – Google Workspace Manager. The new solution which, officially launches at the Google Cloud Next ‘19 in London on November 20, is the must-have tool for any Google Workspace administrator.

    Provisioning and de-provisioning users within Google Workspace can be time-consuming and costly. Patronum removes this hassle, by making it easy to manage the complete life cycle of your Google Workspace users and fully automate all the administrator and user tasks to ensure an efficient, effective and secure process.

    Patronum takes the Google Workspace administrator’s wish list and goes a step further, incorporating a set of killer features to transform the way Google Workspace capabilities are managed.

    The tool has also been created with seamless integration in mind. Each of your users will be set up according to your company policy, with the correct email signature, Gmail settings, Google Drive files and folders, Google contacts, Google calendars, and Google Groups automatically maintained when you move to Patronum. What’s more, Patronum even provides a user-friendly Google Contact sharing option, enhanced with the introduction of a Google Chrome extension and utilising Gmail add-ons.

    Paul Lees, CEO of Bespin Labs comments, “We are really excited to be releasing Patronum to a wider audience. We’ve been working with a small but highly influential group of Google Workspace administrators and partners for almost two years now, gaining a deep understanding of their issues and challenges, and we feel that we’ve created an easy-to-use product with an amazing set of features. I couldn’t be more proud of the whole team.”

    To register your interest in the beta program for Patronum – Google Workspace Manager, go to and chat with Albot our helpful website virtual assistant.

    About Bespin Labs

    Since its foundation in 2010, Bespin Labs has been a leading provider of automation and cloud solutions, helping organisations large and small. Bespin Labs has envisioned a world where every business can take full advantage of best-in-class solutions in order to become more efficient through technology and improved business processes. The company is trusted by many of the world’s most well-known organisations to help them deliver real business value through technology, automation and more recently, AI. Available solutions include Robotic Process Automation, Business Automation, Mobile & Web Application Development, Telephony and Voice AI solutions, and Enterprise Support.

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