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Supercharge your project and department with Google Groups

By Patronum

October 01, 2017

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    Google Groups are probably the most under-rated feature within the Google Workspace. Most organisations simply see this amazing platform as just another email discussion group offering. It’s true, Google Groups get users connected to each other based on a particular theme of communication.

    It is a very effective and convenient way of connecting people in the organization to
    discuss important concerns between project teams or entire departments and get the work done in a synchronized and effective way.

    Google Groups offer two different types of Group Management options to its users:

    • Admin Console Groups are managed by admins and they can add up to 25 group members at a time.
    • Another is Groups for Business Services which allows users to access a particular set of information or features which makes it easy for the departments and teams to manage themselves.

    Notwithstanding the type of Group Management option you chose, below are four remarkable ways Google Groups can be used for project management:

    • They can be used to track, update, and collaborate on the tasks of particular projects. With these groups, all the members around the globe can have an eye on the updates of the project, the deadlines, work already done and expectations of the project. Various documents, presentations, spreadsheets can be easily shared and accessed via Google drive to the entire Google Groups.
    • Project and company calendar events can be scheduled with a Google Group, allowing new members to receive events and updates without having to be manually added to the event.
    • With the help of Google Groups, a virtual project board can be created. No more need of adding a long CC Recipients list. Teams can be easily notified about the upcoming events, the deadlines and projects with a single mail. It helps to bring your team together like a centralized version.
    • Group responsibility can be shared with multiple managers. In case the owner is not in a condition to operating a group, they can assign a group manager who can manage and access the group fully except deleting the group or making someone else the owner. Multiple managers can be there in a single group.
    • Teams can engage in lively discussions which can be related to the strategies of the company, creating the culture, discussing the common roles and responsibilities and issues of the organization, share advice and resources too.

    Google Groups are a very effective and efficient way of communicating relevant information to the right people. It is a full proof way of communicating the right thing at the right time, with the right person without the need to have multiple third-party tools doing the exact same job for you and your organization.

    Check out Patronum Google Group management and see how users can be automatically added to Google Groups based on their role, department or even the specific projects they are working on.

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