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We asked ChatGPT – “How do I choose a google workspace manager tool?”

By Patronum

February 01, 2023

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Over the past few months, the technology community has been in a spin over OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Even the creator of Gmail Paul Buccheit has stated that he believes that the OpenAI-developed bot will be able to replace Google Search in two years. Buchheit believes Google will be outmatched once the AI-powered chatbot is fully developed.

This has caused Google to fast track it’s own chatbot. It has been reported that Google has begun testing an AI chatbot similar to ChatGPT called Apprentice Bard, which uses LaMDA technology. 


Recently we asked ChatGPT “How do I choose a google workspace manager tool?

This is what ChatGPT told us, we’ve also included how Patronum meets those requirements.

To choose a Google Workspace management tool, consider the following factors:

  1. Features: Consider the specific features and functionalities that are important for your organization’s needs, such as email management, security, reporting, and user provisioning.

Patronum support many of the important features that a Google Workspace administrator would need such as:-

Complete On and OffboardingProvisioning and deprovisioning users within Google Workspace can be time-consuming and costly. Patronum can fully automate all the administrator and user tasks to ensure an effective and secure process.

Email Signature Management – Patronum Google email signature management gives users a consistent and dynamic Google Workspace Gmail email signature.

Google Drive Management – Help users better manage their Google Drive with the Patronum Google Drive explorer. Change permissions and ownership of Google Drive on demand and via a policy. Find who has access to your Google Drive data both internally and externally.

Organisational Chart – Provide users with an internal directory based on the information you already have within your Google Workspace environment. Search for users by location, skills, job title and other keywords.

Experts on Hand – With Patronum support is free, contact a Patronum team member via the build in chat and video calling service. Get answers to your questions right where and when you need them. No messing about with ping pong email support.

  1. Integration: Make sure the tool integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace and any other tools or platforms you use.

Patronum is a Google Workspace marketplace application which means that it integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace tools such as Gmail, Google Drive and Google Contacts.

  1. User Experience: Ensure that the tool has an intuitive interface and is easy for administrators and users to navigate.

Patronum is recognised as being one of the most intuitive Google Workspace administrative tools available. Our use of Google Material Design make Patronum feel like part of the Google Workspace suite.

  1. Price: Consider the cost of the tool, including any additional fees for features, integrations, or support.

Unlike other tools on the market, Patronum pricing is clearly listed on our website. Patronum offers a simple pricing model, with discounts for education and non-profit organizations.

  1. Reputation: Research the vendor and their product to ensure it has a good reputation in the market and positive reviews from other users.

Patronum is one of the most highly commended Google Workspace management tools in the Market with many 5-star reviews from our customers.

Patronum feedback
  1. Support: Check what kind of support the vendor provides, such as email, phone, or live chat, and whether it’s available 24/7.

Patronum is truly head and shoulders above the market when it comes to the excellent support provided. Patronum has built-in chat and video call capabilities within the product in case you have any immediate questions or comments. It also has an extensive knowledgebase that includes many frequently asked questions and how-to videos.

  1. Scalability: Consider whether the tool can scale with your organization’s growth and accommodate future needs.

Patronum is extremely scalable, built and designed with scale in mind, Patronum is exclusively hosted within Google Cloud.

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