Using Patronum to set work/life boundaries

The pandemic has forever changed our work habits, and the option of remote work will undoubtedly accompany us for many years. Although some prefer it, spending hours watching one or more screens can be challenging. One of the main challenges we face is to create boundaries between employment and life outside of work, which have […]

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using patronum to set work life boundaries
Avenue Live gain control and consistency over emails branding with Patronum

Avenue Live is a meetings management and live event production company creating life-enriching attendee experiences of all sizes, they bring large-scale innovation to every event worldwide.. Their all-inclusive, white-glove approach to meeting planning and live production ensures that all involved—presenters, delegates, vendors, and meeting professionals alike—have an amplified platform on which to come together for […]

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avenue live gain control and consistency
How to Optimize Your Email Signature | Patronum

An email signature is your digital business card and should be seen as the most powerful marketing tool within your organisation. After all, each user will be sending on average 120 emails daily It is therefore important that you, present to your clients and prospective a professional email signature. In this blog article, you will […]

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how to optimize your email signature patronum
Bespin Labs supports Pennine Distribution and Training with Patronum, the Google Workspace Manager.

Pennine Distribution and Training Ltd (PDTL) is a family-run business that provides professional, specialized driver training from basic car and trailer, through to Large Goods Vehicles.  In addition to training LGV drivers, PDTL also provides experienced drivers to some of the largest logistics companies in the UK. At the beginning of 2021, PDTL contacted Bespin […]

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bespin labs supports pennine distribution and training with patronum the google workspace manager
2Fifteen streamline Google Workspace customer management with Patronum

Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, 2Fifteen are a managed service provider and IT consultancy.  A cloud-first organization, they help their customers to work from wherever, in the knowledge that their services will remain secure, resilient, and available. Offering a full suite of fully managed services for Apple, Microsoft, and Google, as well as […]

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2fifteen streamline google workspace
How to change and edit email signature-Patronum?

Email signatures are one of the best ways of reinforcing your brand, while also providing great marketing opportunities. So, every organization must aim to incorporate their company email signature in their marketing strategy.  Email signatures are considered an amazing way of marketing, as they are cost-effective, aimed at trusted targets, and have large daily audiences. […]

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how to change and edit email signature patronum
Why you need a standard business email signature

Email is still the number one method of business to business communication, and for most people, they try their best to make their email communication sound as professional as possible using solutions such as Grammarly etc. One of the most important components that are often overlooked but play a huge part in creating a good […]

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why you need a standard business email signature
Expanding the Patronum Community

Here at Patronum, we have created a transparent, collaborative, and engaging community for our team, partners and our customers. Our customers and partners span the globe and to date, we’ve created a friendly community on Google Chat. Today we are expanding our customer-first approach by introducing the Patronum Community Platform powered by The Patronum […]

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expanding the patronum community
Add Pronouns to your Email Signature with Patronum

More and more of our corporate friends are including preferred pronouns within business email signatures, as well as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. For many organisations wanting to build an inclusive working environment, adding gender pronouns to a company email signature is a great first step. It brings awareness to something that many people might […]

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Use Your Email Signature to Set Boundaries

In today’s hybrid workplace it easier for work to creep further and further into your personal life. Set a clear work schedule for yourself, and resist the urge to check email or catch up on projects after hours. If you burn out because you’re working too much, nobody benefits. Your company and your colleagues want […]

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use your email signature to set boundarie

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