Using Gmail filters to organise your inbox

With Gmail filters and labels you can become an inbox ninja. Unfortunately, not many people know about these filters or how to set them up.

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using gmail filters to organise your
How important are backups for Google Workspace?

Many people believe that moving to Google Workspace means that they no longer need to be concerned with backing up. While moving your files to a service such as Google Drive means you’re safe from server failure taking down your business, there are still plenty of reasons why you should consider backing up your files. […]

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Use Organisational Charts  in Patronum to build better relationships

Using organisational charts helps you find and connect with people within your organisation and put a face to a name. Patronum is one of the first Google Workspace administration tools that give you the ability to view your colleagues in an Org Chart. Org Charts let you look up individual profiles and team information. Spend less […]

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use org charts in patronum
One step onboarding for Google Workspace

This week Google published “5 tips for onboarding your first employees using Google Workspace“. A useful guide for any new business making the big step of hiring their first employees. Google Workspace offers many simple to use tools that can help you quickly take that new user and onboard them, however, are these newly onboarded […]

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one step onboarding for google workspace
The pitfalls of designing your own email signature

Many businesses can spend hours designing the perfect email signature. Choosing the right font, resizing of logos and let’s not forget those important awards and banners arrayed under the body of your emails. And when done, most businesses don’t have a clean way of deploying their email signatures to all their users, so instead, they […]

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the pitfalls of designing your own email signature
Have You Added She/Her/Hers to Your Email Signatures?

Recently we’ve spotted a growing trend with some of our corporate friends including preferred pronouns within email signatures, as well as Twitter and Facebook profiles. For many organisations looking to build an inclusive working environment, adding gender pronouns to a company email signature is a great first step. It brings awareness to something that many people […]

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have you added she her hers to your email signatures
Build Brand Trust With Email

We see so many organisations without a professional email format. So we ask “Would you send out company letters or invoices on unbranded paper?” Well, it’s the same with email, sending emailing without the correct company branding can damage your business. It struck me this week, while working with a new client, that so many organisations […]

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build brand trust with email
5 Reasons Why Email Signatures Are Important

In the Middle Ages monarchs, bishops and other nobles would issue official decrees, and documents and sign them with a wax seal. The wax would typically be pressed with a unique handheld seal or with a signet ring. Today, wax seals are rarely used and most of our business communication is done via emails. While […]

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5 reasons why email signatures are important
Adding Skype to Your Email Signature

Is Skype a key part of your business communications? Do you want to make it easier for your customers and contacts to be able to call you or send you messages via Skype? If so you’ll want to add your Skype profile to your email signature. This sounds simple, unfortunately, it’s not. Due to the […]

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adding skype to your email signature
Adding Click to Call to Your Email Signature

What is Click to Call? Click-to-call gives web and email users the convenience of being able to instantly dial a phone number from a webpage or email signature by simply clicking. Adding click to call to your email signature can be extremely useful if you rely on incoming customer calls for your business. Adding Click […]

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adding click to call to your email signature

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