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How to Use Multiple Email Signatures in Gmail

By Patronum

May 04, 2020

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We all know how important an email signature is, it allows you and your business to quickly add company information and branding to every communication you send. But did you know that Gmail now gives you the ability to add multiple email signatures? This means that you can create several email signatures,  for example, you could have one for internal or external use or for different events or campaigns you are running. In addition, many companies are now creating multiple brands and identities within a group in order to offer additional services to their existing customer base. It’s important that they are able to communicate to their customers with the current voice, and the email signature is an important part of that.

How to Create Multiple Email Signatures in Gmail

To get started, open the Gmail Settings menu by selecting the cog icon in the top right of the screen and then select “Settings”

Under the General tab, scroll all the way down to the bottom and there you’ll see “Signature”. Hopefully, you’ve already set up an email signature, this is now automatically displayed as “My Signature”. You can edit the existing signature by selecting the pencil icon or if you want to start again simply select the trash icon.

To create an additional email signature select the “Create new” at the bottom of the email signature list.

In the “Name new signature” dialogue box enter the name of your new email signature and click “Create”.
This will clear the email signature editor and allow you to enter a different email signature.

Simply add the text or paste in some fancy HTML with image links etc. As a suggestion, you may want to create email signatures for the different languages you speak, or like me, create a plain text version of your email signature when a full signature is simply not required.

Using Multiple Email Signatures with Send-As addresses

If you have multiple accounts within your Gmail you can now add a customised email signature for each account. Within the “Signature defaults” select the drop-down to switch to one of your other Send-As email addresses.

Once you have selected one of your other email addresses any changes to that email signature only affect that account. You can now add specific branding, and even offers or campaigns.

Switching between Email Signatures within Gmail

You can select the appropriate email signature from the email compose window by selecting the pen icon. Your newly created email signatures will now be listed within the menu, select the one you want to use from the list.

If you click “Manage Signatures” it will take you back to the Signature options within the settings section as previously described.

Centrally Managing Email Signatures with Patronum

Patronum is currently the only Email Management solution on the Google Workspace Marketplace to provide central management of multiple “SendAs” email signatures.

Within Patronum, Google Workspace administrators can create a single policy and apply multiple email signatures to different alias domain addresses as well as create email signatures for different roles, such as sales@ or support@ addresses users may be able to send on behalf of.

Add Pronouns to Email Signatures

Patronum also allows Google Workspace administrators to add any Google Directory attribute to your central email signatures. Using this approach organisations like iwoca, one of the fastest-growing business lenders in Europe, has been able to offer their staff a simple way of adding their preferred pronoun to their centrally managed email signatures.

Mateusz Bijakowski from iwoca explains, “As a part of IT I consider the power to use and move custom data between systems in new ways one of my most powerful tools. We’ve been using GAM to populate our Google Directory with this custom information, but it was only when we discovered Patronum and the Email Signature Management features that we could really take things forward. It’s surprising that only Patronum allows me to do this with email signatures but that just shows that good tools are often more important than solutions.

Adding any attribute to your Google Gmail Email Signature is super easy. Simply select the attribute you want from the editor and the attribute will be automatically added to the email signature. It’s that easy.

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