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Why Patronum is the best Email Signature Management for Google Workspace (G Suite)?

By Patronum

August 24, 2022

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We all know that a unified email signature across your organization looks great, and there are plenty of options on the Google Workspace Marketplace to choose from.

So why would you pick Patronum to manage your Google Workspace email signatures?


Google Workspace Marketplace – Email Signature Management


First, let’s talk money. At Patronum, we believe in transparency on pricing and have our prices clearly listed on our website at We believe our prices are honest and fair, and when you purchase Patronum, you know that you’re paying the same as every other customer.

No salesperson will call or email to offer you a “not to be missed deal” or discount for quick sales, and we’re not going to want you to sign up for a 3-year contract either.

For the most popular and legacy email signature management tools for Google Workspace, you could be paying an eye-watering $24 per user per year or $2 per user per month. Even the most reasonably priced solutions are $8+ per user per year.

Now let’s look at Patronum, for only $8 per user per year, you get email signature management for all your Google Workspace users and a bucket load of other great features, such as contact sharing, dynamic groups, as well as on and off-boarding. That’s great value and allows you to make better use of your IT budget!!

Email Signature Management
Email Signature Management


You’d think that at such a low cost, you’d have to compromise on security and quality, but Bespin Labs Limited, the creators of Patronum, don’t believe in compromising when it comes to the quality and security of their products. That’s why they are committed to the privacy and security of customers’ data and take this responsibility extremely seriously. Bespin Labs is certified and independently audited to ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27701:2019, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 22301:2019 and have certificates available online via the following article –

Our systems are security audited, and penetration tested constantly. Our audit process uses an independent security auditor using OWASP testing guidelines and SANS 25 & NIST frameworks. The audit also included a comprehensive review of our source code as part of our Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) approach. 

Data policy and where data is hosted

We passionately believe in data privacy, and we are solely hosted within Google EU data centres. All our services are hosted within Google Cloud Platform, Frankfurt, and London. And as we’ve mentioned, we are ISO 27701, which is the privacy extension to the ISO 27001 security standard.

Setup & Configuration

Patronum offers the best integration with Google Workspace possible. So there is no need to import your users or have complex attribute mapping. Unlike other solutions that hold your data within their own databases, Patronum only uses the Google Workspace Directory.

That means that any additional attribute you have within your Google Workspace Directory is immediately available to Patronum for inclusion in your email signatures. Want to add pronouns to your email signature, no problem, or inform colleagues or customers of your availability, just extend the Google Directory schema, and it’s available within the email signature editor.

Email Signature Management
Additional attributes direct from Google Workspace into your Gmail email signature.

Multiple email signatures

Do you have different brands within your organization or need to have multiple email signatures for the different types of roles? With Patronum, you can create multiple email signatures for each different Send As (Alias) address your users may require. As Patronum is also a Google Workspace management platform, you can create the Send As aliases for your users dynamically and automatically.

No SMTP setup

There is also no need for complex and insecure external SMTP routing of your emails. With Patronum, your email signature is updated directly via the secure Google Gmail API. This means that your emails are never modified by Patronum. So security features such as Email encryption, Confidential mode, etc. are never affected, so your company communication is always secure.

Customer Feedback

But don’t just take our word for it; check out real customer reviews on Google Workspace Marketplace, G2, and Capterra.


If you’re interested in learning more about email signature management, sign up for a risk-free 30-day trial.

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