How to share your Google Calendar

Many of use will be dealing with a jam-packed scheduled on a daily basis, finding time, rooms and resources can be a tricky task. However, for Google users, sharing your Google Calendar is a simple solution to help all parties involved find a time and date without all the back-and-forth of scheduling in a never-ending […]

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how to share your google calendar
Project Management uses for Google Groups

Google Groups are a simple and convenient way for users in the organisation to communicate and collaborate with entire departments, project teams, office locations and more. Using a Google Group, you can send an email en masse, invite colleagues to meetings, create and review documents, and even share Google calendars. However, within many organisations managing […]

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project management uses for google groups
Create Unique Email Signatures for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) with Patronum

We’ve worked with 100’s of people just like you, and what they tell us is that a clean, clear and centrally managed email signature is essential for any business email system. These customers tell us that an email signature is not just a block of text or graphics at the end of an email, but […]

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create unique email signature for g suite
Automating time-consuming tasks in Google Workspace with Patronum

We love Google Workspace and are veteran users and administrators using and managing the productivity suite since the early days of Google Apps for Your Domain and while Google Workspace provides excellent collaboration features and increases user productivity, managing those users and resources can often be a labour-intensive task for overloaded and busy IT departments […]

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automate time consuming tasks in google workspace
Patronum Partners with Email Signature Experts

We are excited to announce that Patronum has partnered with and to bring you a series of enhanced email signature templates within Patronum’s email signature management feature.

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patronum partners with email signature
Bespin Labs announces Patronum – Your Google Workspace Manager

Bespin Labs, a thought-leading automation and cloud technology company, has announced Patronum – Google Workspace Manager. The new solution which, officially launches at the Google Cloud Next ‘19 in London on November 20, is the must-have tool for any Google Workspace administrator.

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The Best Guide to Set Up Google Workspace(G Suite) for Your Organization

So you’re new to Google Workspace (G Suite) and are looking to understand the best way to get things set up for your organisation. If you haven’t done so already, you may want to get assistance from a Google Workspace Partner, we’d recommend Bespin Labs as a partner with over a decades worth of experience […]

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the best guide to set up google workspaceg suite for your organization
The Era of the Cloud Worker

The cloud has fundamentally changed everything around us from our personal lives, where it has given us choice, to stream TV and Movies, order whatever kind of food we’re in the mood for, schedule and track transportation, as well as and staying in touch with friends and family across the globe. Whereas in the workplace, […]

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the era of the cloud worker
Google Workspace administrators can see all user calendar events regardless of privacy settings.

Next to Gmail Google Workspace calendar is one of the most used apps within the Google Workspace set of offerings. Users can create events and even specific calendars and set permissions in order to share, or not, information about events and appointments. Within Patronum you can create, share and manage users calendars automatically.

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Don’t let ex-employees become a security risk.

The world of Software as a Service (SaaS) brings many advantages, from enhanced security to remote working, but could it also bring new dangers too?

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dont let ex employees become a security risk

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