Long Term Strategy for Remote Working

When it comes to creating an effective remote working regime you needs to start with policy, process and then training. All of which should be regularly reviewed and updated if required.

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long term strategy for remote working
Need a Gmail Email Signature Template? With the help of Patronum, create an email signature template

Are you looking for some professional and creative email signature templates? Well, your search will now be over.  Within Patronum we offer the best in Gmail Signature Template design. A few years back, a new product was born in the Google Workspace market named Patronum. It has the power to make your Google Workspace management […]

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need a gmail signature template with the help of patronum create an email signature template
Gmail gets a massive redesign to become your work hub

When Google first released Gmail it was fresh, new a completely different way to access email, then came Inbox by Google another fresh new way to look at email. Sadly Inbox came and went, but some of the cool features made their way into the main product. Now Gmail has been given a massive new […]

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gmail gets a massive redesign
How To Use The Patronum Email Signature Generator

As Patronum was designed to manage Google Workspace better, an email signature is one of the key features within Patronum. The systematic way of generating the email signatures and managing them correctly and on time makes Patronum one of the leading products in the Google Workspace Marketplace. This blog is dedicated to the process of […]

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how to use the patronum email signature generator
How to restore your Google Contacts

Many small and mid-size businesses rely heavily on contacts stored on their mobile phones. But what happens if for some reason you lose a contact or they are accidentally deleted due to a faulty application, it can be quite traumatic, to say the least. In fact, does anyone know they partner mobile number off the […]

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how to restore your google contacts
9 New Email Signature Solutions You Need to Test.

If you’re here you know how important a great email signature is, and how it’s your #1 way to maximise your existing network of customers and partners. So if you’re looking for new ways to take your networking skills to the next level, check out these new email signature offerings. Patronum – Email Signature Management […]

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9 new email signature solutions you need to test
How to Use Patronum Email Templates

Do your employees need to send similar emails repeatedly? Maybe you have a standard reply they sent to customers or a standard confirmation for booking an appointment etc. You may have the wording of these email templates stored centrally in a Google Doc, or maybe some of you may have even installed the Gmail Templates […]

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how to use patronum email templates
Get Your Google Drive Organised

We’ve been using Google Drive for almost a decade, and unfortunately in the early years, we believed all the hype about searching for files as a pose to organising them. I guess we’ve learnt that the truth is somewhere in the middle.

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get your google drive organised
Top 10 Email Signature Management Tips-Patronum

Whenever you do anything, you must do it with utmost perfection. And, to do it with utmost perfection, you must have proper knowledge about it. Likewise, when you start an email signature marketing strategy, it is necessary to know about email signature management. Once you understand how best to manage your organisation’s email signatures, you […]

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top 10 email signature management tips patronum
Are you sharing too much information on Google Calendar?

We all use Google Calendar and it’s really useful when you share your calendar with others so that they can see when you’re available, and book meetings with you instead of asking over email when you’re free. But are you sharing your Google Calendar correctly or could you be sharing private events with everyone in […]

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are you sharing too much information on google calendar

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