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How Patronum helps Save Costs on SaaS Management spend

By Patronum

November 08, 2022

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Running a business is becoming harder and harder as costs increase. Rent, energy and the pressure of staff wages are all having an impact. Whether you are a business owner, head of a department or System Administrator you need to make smart choices on how you spend. Patronum can help reduce IT administrator costs with the implementation of SaaS Management for Google Workspace.

Review your subscriptions

When running a business or an IT department, if you’re not careful, it’s easy for costs to get out of control quickly, especially when it comes to “Software as a Service” (SaaS) subscriptions. You’ve probably experienced it, where a SaaS Product Company provides you with a solution only to start charging ridiculous prices after a few years, without adding any significant improvements or options to stay at the current version etc. This can often lead to customer frustration as they feel pressured to remain with a solution as they have invested time and effort in configuration and training as we can see from the examples below.

SaaS Management
Poor customer reviews from other Cloud Management tools.

It’s important that you regularly review your SaaS subscription licensing. You may be surprised how much you’re spending a month on subscription services. With Patronum we’re on your side when it comes to pricing. We are open and transparent and have pricing clearly listed on our website, at $8 USD per user per year. Yes, per YEAR. In addition to our pricing policy, your annual subscription is fixed which means once you’ve paid for Patronum that’s it, even if your Google Workspace license increases, your Patronum subscription will not.

Explore Marketplace for Alternatives

It’s also important to review the market for alternatives, look at the products you’re using, and more importantly look at exactly what they are doing for your organisation. Many of the organisations we speak to find that over time they purchase solutions that do similar things, such as Email Signature Management or User Offboarding. Before you realise it, you may find that you’re spending top dollar on solutions but only using a fraction of what they can offer. At Patronum we’re worked with customers using alternative solutions, most of them have migrated to Patronum, however, we recommended that others stayed with their current vendor and we help them get the most value from them.


We often see competition in the following areas:-

SaaS Management: – SaaS management is the ability to automate and centralize the IT System Administrator tasks across a company’s entire portfolio of SaaS applications. We often find that organisations implement an expensive SaaS Management platform and only use it to manage their Google Workspace user accounts. Patronum is a pure Google Workspace Management platform which often means it has better and deeper integration with Google Workspace than its competitors.

Email Signature Management: – Email signature management allows an organisation to centrally manage the email signatures of their users. Many organisations implement a single-use email signature solution. But like single-use plastic, the best option can often be to find multi-use alternatives. Patronum has a comprehensive and feature-rich email signature management solution as part of its user onboarding policies. Using the native Google Gmail API allows system administrators to take complete control over the email signatures of their Google Workspace users.

Google Contact Sharing: – Within Google Contacts it’s possible to provide other users access to your contacts. This is achieved via a feature within Google Contacts called Delegate Access. Unfortunately, this feature gives the other users complete access to your contacts, but they are unable to use the contacts in the same way they use their own. They can’t search for them, without specifically selecting the delegator account, they can share files or email them via the type-ahead feature in Google Workspace. This makes delegate access within Google Contacts fairly useless. Google Contact sharing allows a user or system administrator to share specific contacts via a label. These contacts are then copied to the other users and can be used as if the contacts had been created directly by that user. Patronum is the only multiple-use SaaS Management product that also supports Contact Sharing.

Review Single-Use Solutions

Many organisations purchase products that perform one task, whether it’s Email Signature Management or Google Contact Sharing it’s likely that you’re overspending when purchasing multiple products from different software vendors. We’ve also seen organisation purchase complex SaaS Management tools when all they want to do is a few automation. With Patronum you get the best of both worlds. A cost-effective solution that can help address multiple challenges within your Google Workspace environment. Review your SaaS products, and list what they are providing, then see where you can make savings by upgrading and migrating to Patronum.

Compare Patronum with other Email Signature products.
(Prices based on published pricing)

Leverage Automation for IT tasks

You’ve got co-workers to help, Google Workspace accounts need creating and managing, recruiting to do, a crowded inbox to weed through, and endless meetings that need your attention… sometimes your to-do list can look endless. Let Patronum remove some of those repetitive IT tasks by automating all the on and offboarding of Google Workspace accounts. Patronum provides the Google Workspace administrator with all the tools they need to effectively and securely manage their environment. Just look at all the services you get with Patronum.

Complete On and Offboarding – Provisioning and deprovisioning users within Google Workspace can be time-consuming and costly. Patronum can fully automate all the administrator and user tasks to ensure an effective and secure process.

Email Signature Management – Patronum Google email signature management gives users a consistent and dynamic Google Workspace Gmail email signature.

Google Drive Management – Help users better manage their Google Drive with the Patronum Google Drive explorer. Change permissions and ownership of Google Drive on demand and via a policy. Find who has access to your Google Drive data both internally and externally.

Organisational Chart – Provide users with an internal directory based on the information you already have within your Google Workspace environment. Search for users by location, skills, job title and other keywords.

Experts on Hand – With Patronum support is free, simply contact a Patronum team member via the build in chat and video calling service. Get answers to your questions right where and when you need them. No messing about with ping pong email support.

If you’re interested in learning more about email signature management, sign up for a risk-free 30-day trial.

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