The pitfalls of designing your own email signature

Many businesses can spend hours designing the perfect email signature. Choosing the right font, resizing of logos and let’s not forget those important awards and banners arrayed under the body of your emails. And when done, most businesses don’t have a clean way of deploying their email signatures to all their users, so instead, they then waste more time writing up detailed instructions for the rest of their employees on how to add this new design to their email settings.

When designing your email signature keep them simple, or better still use a professionally designed email signature like those from or

These organisations understand email signatures and more importantly, they understand how different email clients behave. After all, not everybody is running Google Workspace, so just because your signature looks great internally doesn’t mean it will look as good externally in say Microsoft Outlook.

If you still want to create your email simple email signature here are a few tips;

Colour – Make sure you keep to the company brand colours and don’t start adding additional colours unnecessarily

Font – Your company should have standard fonts, stick to those fonts, having a mismatch of fonts in banners or promotions looks really unprofessional. Also, check out this great article on web-safe fonts. As we’ve already mentioned, some fonts are only supported on Windows desktop applications so selecting safe fonts means that your signature will look consistent across different operating systems, applications and browsers.

Images – Think about including your company logo or even a profile picture. But remember, make sure that the image is the original size. Don’t use large images and then shrink them down via the HTML code, many email clients will actually show the image in the original size.

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