Using Patronum to set work/life boundaries

The pandemic has forever changed our work habits, and the option of remote work will undoubtedly accompany us for many years. Although some prefer it, spending hours watching one or more screens can be challenging.

One of the main challenges we face is to create boundaries between employment and life outside of work, which have started to erode as we began working at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Many individuals are now working less conventional hours, or splitting their working day so they can take care of children or other dependencies.

Patronum email signature management can provide you with a “quick win” here allowing you to add a note to your Gmail email signature template to indicate your scheduled working normal hours, or to indicate to colleagues that while your sending emails outside of normal business hours there is no expectation of a response until the sender starts their working day again.

Extending the Google Directory

Within Patronum you can extend the Google Directory and then use this extra information within the Patronum email signature template designer.

Patronum – Google Directory Extensions

Patronum is unique in the Google Workspace Market in that it allows the Google Workspace administrator the ability to extend the Google Directory schema and then use any of these attributes within their Google Gmail email signature.

Patronum Email signature template editor

This also means that any 3rd party application can populate this data via the publicly available Google API’s and Patronum can add this information directly into your users Google Gmail email signature.

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