Patronum – ISO Certification 2022-25

At Bespin Labs, we are committed to the privacy and security of our customers’ data and we take our responsibility for this extremely seriously. That is why we regularly open the Lab to an independent ISO auditor who reviewed our internal practices and processes. We are delighted to have renewed our ISO 27001:2013 for our Information Security related

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What can Patronum do?

We often get asked, “What does Patronum do?” So here is a list of things you can do within Patronum. AD HOC ADMINISTRATION User ManagementEdit User Profile information.Add/Remove Google GroupsView and Manage Calendars, manually assign a Calendar from another user.Share ContactsEdit and View Google ContactsView and Manage Google Drive files, including Shared Drive. Change permissions […]

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5 Reasons Why Email Signatures Are Important

In the Middle Ages monarchs, bishops and other nobles would issue official decrees, and documents and sign them with a wax seal. The wax would typically be pressed with a unique handheld seal or with a signet ring. Today, wax seals are rarely used and most of our business communication is done via emails. While […]

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